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A Reading Guide to the Book of Mormon

Review of David H. Mulholland, A Reading Guide to the Book of Mormon. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1989. v + 119 pp. $6.95.


Designed as a study guide, this book offers several questions for each chapter of the Book of Mormon. The author provides a blank at the beginning of the question to write the verse number or numbers in which the answer is found, and he leaves space for writing the answer beneath the question. The number of questions per chapter varies from two to fifteen. At the back of the book a key gives the verses that answer the respective questions.

Concise and clear, the questions will help the student learn the details of the Book of Mormon. But they will not necessarily focus attention on some aspects of the text rather than others, for they treat all details as equal. I would like to see some discussion questions included, which, by calling for interpretation and evaluation, might lead the student to synthesize the details and to ponder the significance of the text as a whole. For, important as they are, the details of the scriptures are not their message.