MSR Personnel

The Mormon Studies Review chronicles and assesses the developing field of Mormon studies with roundtable discussions, review essays, and book reviews. It ranges across disciplines and seeks to gather voices from a broad cross-section of the academy—both LDS and non-LDS—in order to provide scholars and interested non-specialists with a one-stop source for discussions of current developments in Mormon studies.


J. Spencer Fluhman, Brigham Young University

Associate Editors

D. Morgan Davis, Brigham Young University
Melissa  Wei-Tsing Inouye, University of Auckland
Benjamin E. Park, University of Missouri

Editorial Advisory Board

Philip L. Barlow, Leonard J. Arrington Chair of Mormon History and Culture,
Utah State University

Richard L. Bushman, Gouverneur Morris Professor of History, Emeritus, Columbia University

Douglas J. Davies, Professor in the Study of Religion, Durham University

Eric A. Eliason, Professor of English, Brigham Young University

James E. Faulconer, Professor of Philosophy, Brigham Young University

Kathleen Flake, Richard L. Bushman Chair of Mormon Studies, University of Virginia

Terryl L. Givens, James A. Bostwick Chair of English and Professor of Literature and Religion, University of Richmond

Sarah Barringer Gordon, Arlin M. Adams Professor of Constitutional Law and Professor of History, University of Pennsylvania

Matthew J. Grow, Director of Publications, Church History Department, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Grant Hardy, Professor of History and Religious Studies, University of North Carolina—Asheville

David F. Holland, Associate Professor of North American Religious History, Harvard Divinity School

Laurie F. Maffly-Kipp, Archer Alexander Distinguished Professor in the Humanities, John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics, Washington University in St. Louis

Patrick Q. Mason, Howard W. Hunter Chair of Mormon Studies, Claremont Graduate University

Quincy D. Newell, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, University of Wyoming

Grant Underwood, Professor of History, Brigham Young University

Chief Editorial Assistant

Blair Dee Hodges, Brigham Young University

Production Editor

Don L. Brugger, Brigham Young University