Subscriber How-To

After you’ve subscribed to our digital editions, log in to the website to access your digital copies:


Log in using the email address and Subscriber ID you received in your confirmation email (if you have lost this number, please email us at


Navigate to the periodical or book you’d like to read using the website’s main menu:


Once you’ve selected your desired publication, you can access the articles in HTML or PDF format:


Page Features:

1. Click the article’s title to access it in HTML.

2. Click the PDF icon to download a PDF version of the article.

3. Click here for a PDF of the entire issue.

4. Click here to go to past issues of the periodical.

5. Click here to share, or print, or to open the periodical in HTML format in your browser.

The HTML version has a navigation menu at the top of the page:


Page Features:

1. The buttons in order are: Share, Print, Return to the issue’s home page, Change font size, or Open PDF.

2. These buttons open the current issue’s Table of Contents and the arrows navigate back and forth between individual articles.

The site is optimized to use on mobile devices and tablets as well.

If you experience errors or have any other questions, please contact us.