A Textual History of the Book of Abraham

A Textual History of the Book of Abraham

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Publication Date: 2010

ISBN 13: 9780842527743

Page Count: 307

Binding: Hardcover

Price: $89.95

Series: Studies in the Book of Abraham

Imprint: Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship

Brian M. Hauglid

Brian M. Hauglid (Ph.D., University of Utah) is associate professor of ancient scripture at Brigham Young University. He is series co-editor for Studies in the Book of Abraham, a member of the editorial board of the Eastern Christian Texts series, and co-compiler and co-editor (with John Tvedtnes and John Gee) of Traditions about the Early Life of Abraham (Provo, UT: FARMS, 2001). He has authored articles on Abraham, Islam, and other topics in ancient scripture.

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