By Study and Also by Faith

By Study and Also by Faith

Essays in Honor of Hugh W. Nibley, vol. 2

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Publication Date: 1990

ISBN 13: 978-0875793405

Page Count: 688

Size: 6x9

Binding: Hardcover

Price: $21.95

Imprint: Deseret Book, FARMS

John M. Lundquist

John M. Lundquist (Ph.D., University of Michigan) is the Susan and Douglas Dillon Chief Librarian of the Asian and Middle Eastern Division at the New York Public Library.

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Stephen D. Ricks

Stephen D. Ricks (Ph.D. in Near Eastern Religions, University of California, Berkeley, and Graduate Theological Union) is Professor of Hebrew and Cognate Learning in the Department of Asian and Near Eastern Languages at Brigham Young University. He served as president of the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies and as chairman of the board, as the founding editor of the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies, and as Associate Dean of General Education and Honors at Brigham Young University.

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