Old Testament and Related Studies

Old Testament and Related Studies

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Publication Date: 1986

ISBN 13: 978-0875790329

Page Count: 304

Size: 6x9

Binding: Hardcover

Price: $39.99

Series: Collected Works of Hugh Nibley

Imprint: Deseret Book, FARMS

Hugh Nibley

A new "Nibley Library" page is currently under construction that will feature Nibley treasures untold. In the meantime, here's a list of Nibley's contributions to FARMS and the Maxwell Institute over the years.  Hugh Nibley was one of the most gifted scholars in the LDS Church. He graduated summa cum laude from UCLA and completed his PhD as a University Fellow at UC Berkeley. He taught at Claremont College in California before serving in military intelligence in World War II. From 1946 until his death in 2005, he was associated with and taught at Brigham Young University.

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