On This Day: The Armenian Church Synaxarion‒January

On This Day: The Armenian Church Synaxarion‒January

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“For those learning classical Armenian, and now for readers of English, the Synaxarion can be very memorable for the sometimes bizarre and outlandish events it includes. These texts, as they are read and considered, will move the reader’s senses. They produce an effect that can stay with the reader—and that was almost certainly why these stories were penned in the first place and later collected together. I am glad to have Mathews’ translation of January available, as other readers will also be. We can look forward to the same for the other months.” —Dr. Adam Carter McCollum, Hill Museum & Manuscript Library

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Publication Date: 2014

ISBN 13: 9780842528641

Page Count: 304

Size: 6x9

Binding: Hardcover

Price: $49.95

Series: Eastern Christian Texts

Imprint: Brigham Young University Press

Edward G. Mathews Jr.

Edward G. Mathews Jr. has taught at the Catholic University of America, Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Seminary, the University of Scranton, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the Armenian Evangelical Seminary in Yerevan, and St. Nersess Armenian Seminary.

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