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[The Nephites are the primary group who kept the record known as the Book of Mormon. This complex population was initially descended from Lehi through four of his sons (Sam, Nephi1, Jacob, and Joseph) and their friend Zoram, although the descendants of other people also joined themselves to the Nephites from time to time (see Peoples of the Book of Mormon). The Nephites were distinguished by their belief in the gospel of Jesus Christ, as taught by Lehi and Nephi, as opposed to the lack of faith of the Lamanites, often their enemies but also descendants of Lehi.

For an account of Nephite life, see Economy and Technology. Political and legal practices among the Nephites are described in Government and Legal History in the Book of Mormon. The traditions of record keeping among the Nephites are summarized in Plates and Records in the Book of Mormon. Nephite religious belief and culture are detailed in Religious Teachings and Practices in the Book of Mormon. Nephite women and their contributions are reported in Women in the Book of Mormon.]