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Neum was an ancient Israelite prophet whose words were contained on the plates of brass, a record carried to the Western Hemisphere from Jerusalem about 600 B.C. by the Book of Mormon prophet Lehi and his colony. Neum’s work is not preserved in the Hebrew Bible or other known sources. Concerning the time of his writing, it is only definite that he predated Lehi’s departure.

Neum is mentioned only once in the Book of Mormon. In writing to his future readers, Nephi1 cited him along with other prophets who foretold aspects of the mortal mission of Jesus Christ. According to Neum’s words, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Jesus Christ) would be crucified (1 Ne. 19:10). This confirmed what Nephi himself had seen previously in a vision (1 Ne. 11:32—33).

Kent P. Jackson