FARMS Publishes Abridged Book on King Benjamin's Speech

King Benjamin’s speech in the first six chapters of Mosiah is one of the masterpieces of Christian literature. In 1996 FARMS sponsored a symposium on this classic text. The papers that were presented (published as King Benjamin’s Speech: “That Ye May Learn Wisdom”) constituted the most substantial collection of studies on this powerful and fascinating speech.

King Benjamin’s Speech Made Simple is an abridgment of the 677-page original volume. Both books were edited by John W. Welch and Stephen D. Ricks. Prepared with the general reader in mind, the streamlined paperback presents the essential contents of its predecessor, condensing the information for readers who want to move quickly to the meat of the authors’ conclusions. Those who wish to examine the full array of evidence behind these studies will want to return to the full volume. For a succinct presentation, however, readers will find King Benjamin’s Speech Made Simple to be an ideal approach.

In 11 stimulating studies, the authors examine Benjamin’s classic speech from many angles, viewing it as a manual for Christian discipleship, a coronation and covenant-renewal text, an ancient farewell address, part of a traditional religious celebration, a prophetic lawsuit, and a masterful oration of stunning structural complexity. These approaches and several others yield new insights and perspectives regarding the purpose and meaning of Benjamin’s classic address that Mormon was inspired to preserve and pass on to our day for our benefit.

This volume will acquaint general readers with one of the greatest religious leaders of all time, one whose wisdom, inspired teachings, and parting testimony invite studious attention and lasting admiration. This book is a handy resource, spotlighting and making simple the profound meanings and intriguing complexities of Benjamin’s carefully chosen words. It can be purchased from the online catalog by clicking here.