FARMS Web Site Offers Video Lectures, Periodicals in Member Services Section

The newly designed FARMS Web site is divided into three major sections: Free Services, FARMS Member Services, and Catalog. In the Member Services section, FARMS subscribers can access lectures on video, plus articles from the three periodicals published by FARMS, the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies, FARMS Review of Books, and Insights. Member Services also contains all the items offered in the Free Services section but includes more content for each item.

The lectures on video can be viewed right on your computer screen. Eight lectures are currently featured, five of which are from the 1999 Abraham Lecture Series that was given at Brigham Young University and in Salt Lake City. The Abraham video lectures include “Abraham’s Creation Drama,” by Hugh Nibley; “A History of the Joseph Smith Papyri and Book of Abraham,” by John Gee; “The Ancient Owners of the Joseph Smith Papyri,” by John Gee; “Abrahamic Lore in Support of the Book of Mormon,” by John Tvedtnes; and “Appreciating Hypocephali as Works of Art and Faith” by Michael Lyon. Three other lectures focus on the Book of Mormon, the atonement, and Jesus” most famous sermon: “Evidence of the Book of Mormon,” by Daniel C. Peterson; “Zion and the Spirit of At-one-ment,” by M. Catherine Thomas; and “Illuminating the Sermon at the Temple and Sermon on the Mount,” by John W. Welch.

In “Evidence of the Book of Mormon,” Peterson discusses recent research that supports a spiritual witness for the Book of Mormon. He focuses on Joseph Smith’s lack of schooling, his supposed misnaming of Jesus” birthplace, the translation process, chiasmus, possible locations for Book of Mormon events, and ancient manuscripts that are consistent with Book of Mormon accounts about document practices and beliefs of past civilizations.

In “Zion and the Spirit of At-one-ment,” Thomas emphasizes that a condition of peace is necessary in order for us to experience the companionship of the Spirit. We sometimes experience troubled relationships, but we can elect to develop a satisfying sense of at-one-ment with our associates. Thomas cites the example of Nephi, who experienced dysfunctional family relationships but understood, as he explains in his psalm (2 Nephi 4), that how we are judged will not be based on what others do to us, but on how we react to them. This understanding of our freedom to choose in Christ can set us free from old contentious patterns.

Each month Member Services offers a featured article or video publication. This month you will find video lectures of all the presentations given at the recent FARMS symposium on temples. These video lectures include “Temples: Then, Now, and Forever,” by Elder Hugh W. Pinnock; “Temples Everywhere,” by Hugh W. Nibley; “He That Hath Clean Hands and a Pure Heart: Three Biblical Temple Entrance Hymns,” by Donald W. Parry; and “Prayer with Uplifted Hands in the Ancient World,” by Stephen D. Ricks.

Be sure to take notice of the Events Calendar, which shows the dates and locations of upcoming lectures and firesides.

Member Services is available to all Internet users free of charge until 1 March 2000. After that time it will be available only to FARMS members.