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This new selection of materials from the Encyclopedia of Mormonism includes 151 articles on the Book of Mormon by 115 scholars and articulate authors. To All the World is intended for all kinds of readers—young and old, novices and experts, Latter-day Saints and those of other faiths.

This book offers concise treatments of the contents, peoples, teachings, and coming forth of the Book of Mormon, as well as photographs, maps, charts, and a helpful scriptural index. To All the World serves as a valuable introduction to many topics of interest related to the Book of Mormon.

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As Mormon edited the Book of Mormon, he must have had a map in his mind of the places and physical features that were the setting for the events described in that book. Mormon’s Map attempts to reconstruct that mental map by using information carefully gleaned from the text. The resulting theoretical model can be applied to the Book of Mormon to shed new light on the influence of geography on Nephite history, increase our understanding of the book and its characters, and make events and places more concrete in our minds.

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