Nibley Audiotapes on Genesis Themes

Two new audiotape collections of Hugh W. Nibley’s writings and lectures on Genesis themes are now available. Beginnings: The Creation to Abraham features four essays read by Lloyd D. Newell, voice of the “Music and the Spoken Word” broadcast: “Treasures in the Heavens,” “Before Adam,” “Patriarchy and Matriarchy,” and “Setting the Stage—the World of Abraham.” Concerning “Before Adam,” Nibley says: “The Latter-day Saints are the only Bible-oriented people who have always been taught that things were happening long, long before Adam appeared on the scene. They have never appreciated just how revolutionary that idea is.” The second collection, titled Beginnings: Adam to Moses, contains four lectures from Nibley’s 1986 Pearl of Great Price class at BYU: “The Combat” (featuring remarks on Moses 1), “Adam and Eve” and the “Heritage of Cain” (both focusing on Moses 5), and “Enoch” (covering Moses 6–7). Those who know and enjoy Nibley’s unique style of teaching will be pleased that these tapes have been digitally remastered to improve their audio quality.

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