Early Christians in Disarray, edited by Noel B. Reynolds, presents new research on the apostasy. Studies by several Latter-day Saint scholars in different fields explore the root causes of the apostasy and identify several common myths and misconceptions that Latter-day Saints share on this subject. The authors argue that the apostasy began as early as the first century ad. The volume is not a comprehensive or final treatment of the issues, but is designed to support and encourage further systematic research on the apostasy. Available in bookstores now.

Analysis of Textual Variants of the Book of Mormon, Part 2: 2 Nephi 11—Mosiah 16, by Royal Skousen, is the second part of volume 4 of the Book of Mormon Critical Text Project. It continues with the analysis of every significant nongrammatical variant in the original and printer’s manuscripts and in 20 important editions of the Book of Mormon (from the 1830 edition to the 1981 edition). The task of this volume is to use the earliest textual sources and patterns of systematic usage to recover the original English-language text of the Book of Mormon. Available in bookstores in August.