Lehi's Trek DVD Reissued to Target Broader Audience

Journey of Faith, a FARMS documentary about Lehi’s travels through ancient Arabia, has been well received and has generated considerable interest since its release last summer (see report in Insights 25/3). Now steps are under way to produce a reissue of the DVD, this time with translations of the film into Spanish and Portuguese and with English closed-captioning.

The translation and recording is under the direction of seasoned foreign language producer Omar Canals, who recently prepared the language versions for the Church’s film Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration. A team of experienced translators prepared the foreign language scripts and checked them multiple times for accuracy. The voices of the narrators and interviewed scholars are being recorded in Colombia and S‹o Paulo.

“The enthusiastic reaction to Journey of Faith has been truly gratifying,” says Peter Johnson, director of the film. “It has been a way to take the research of scholars to an even broader audience, and that audience has been moved and inspired by their insights.” Filmed in the lands that Lehi and his family are believed to have journeyed across, the documentary is a visual experience that brings to life Nephi’s narrative in the Book of Mormon.

This documentary will also appear in book form later this summer (stay tuned for a report in the next Insights newsletter).