New Web Site Debuts

The Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship unveiled its new Web site on 1 November 2006. The new site, found at, features all the material that resided on the FARMS Web site as well as additional content and links from all departments that make up the Institute.

Over the last several years, the FARMS Web site saw a large jump in Internet traffic as readers were drawn to the immense archive of previous issues of the Insights newsletter, the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies, and The FARMS Review, as well as the more recently added library of book chapters culled from Institute publications. The new site is built on that strong foundation but now better represents the Middle Eastern Texts Initiative (METI) and the Center for the Preservation of Ancient Religious Texts (CPART) with added material and information, and the site now links to BYU Studies, which recently came under the umbrella of the Institute. The new site also features a biography of Elder Neal A. Maxwell and a bibliography of his writings.

In addition to its expanded focus, the Institute’s Web site has been reorganized to make information more readily available. Users can now search by keyword or by author or simply browse through thousands of articles organized by topic or by publication. The menus on the front page of the site will also feature several randomly selected articles to draw users in to the present research and the Institute’s vast archives. In coming months, additional features will be added to the site, such as a calendar of events and video clips.

To access the Maxwell Institute Web site, visit