New Documentary Focuses on New World

Journey of Faith: The New World premiered to large audiences at BYU Education Week in a sneak preview. S. Kent Brown, director of the newly formed Laura F. Willes Center for Book of Mormon Studies and one of the lead historical consultants on the documentary, and Peter N. Johnson, director, hosted the premier. A number of people returned for a second viewing because of the sweep of information in the film. “Packing a long history into 80 or 90 minutes of film presented a huge challenge to the filmmakers,” Johnson said. The new film enjoys the sponsorship of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship and the Willes Center.

This film is a sequel to the successful Journey of Faith, a documentary about Lehi’s travels through ancient Arabia, beginning with his life in Jerusalem and following him and his family as they make their first camp and travel in the wilderness, mourn the death of Ishmael at Nahom, and build a ship in the land Bountiful to carry them to the Promised Land.

Journey of Faith: The New World continues the story of the descendants of Lehi and Sariah in the New World. Insights from 32 top scholars, archaeologists, and educators breathe life into the Book of Mormon’s thousand-year span, aiding understanding of this sacred text. Drawing on Mormon’s description of the land, religious history, culture, and traditions, the film creates a fascinating visual and descriptive mosaic. Stunningly beautiful images filmed on location in Guatemala and southern Mexico, combined with the artwork of Joseph Brickey, illuminate the rich history of the Book of Mormon.

The DVD also includes translations of the film into Spanish and Portuguese, a 22-minute segment on the making of the documentary entitled “Creating the New World,” and several short features on important topics specific to the Book of Mormon, such as DNA, the law of Moses, chiasmus, language, metallurgy, and Mesoamerican flora and fauna.

Journey of Faith: The New World is now available for purchase. To order, visit the Maxwell Institute Web site (