Videos Become Available

The transfer of our slide presentation, “Lands of the Book of Mormon,” to video is now completed. In addition, the video features an introductory panel discussion by John Sorenson, Truman Madsen, and Stephen Ricks. Videos are available in either VHS or Beta format. Please specify which format and speed you want when ordering.

The film documentary of Hugh Nibley’s life and though was filmed in January. This movie, initiated by F.A.R.M.S., is now being produced by the BYU Motion Picture Studio. Alex Nibley, Sterling Van Wagenen, Brian Capener, Noel Reynolds, and Jack Welch are also involved. Footage includes shots in Egypt and in France where Nibley came ashore on D-Day almost four decades ago.

This promises to be a first rate production, worthy of the man it tries to depict.

Our first video lecture was filmed during December. Jack Welch gave a 45-minute illustrated presentation on chiasmus, a topic which has brought considerable esteem to Book of Mormon texts over the last few years.

This is an excellent production that will appeal to all mature students of scripture. Gary Horton of Intermountain Video Tech in Salt Lake City directed this exciting presentation. Anyone who views “Chiasmus in the Book of Mormon” will develop greater understanding and appreciation of the scriptural text. This fine video is listed on the attached order form.