Dr. Sorenson to Accompany Tour

The Foundation is pleased to announce its first tour into the exciting Book of Mormon areas of Mexico and Guatemala, a 13-day exploration of the region that many LDS scholars identify as the heartland of the Book of Mormon.

The guest lecturer accompanying this tour will be John L. Sorenson, chairman of the Anthropology Department at BYU and probably the leading authority in the Church on the New World setting of the scriptural text.

The itinerary has been carefully chosen to give tour participants a superb travel/study experience at a reasonable price. This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the lands of the Book of Mormon with this gifted scholar and teacher.

The tour departs Monday, June 18, 1984 from Salt Lake City and returns June 30. Travel arrangements are through Murdock Travel and the tour administrator is Dr. Joseph L. Allen. John and Kathryn Sorenson and Kirk and Shannon Magleby will represent F.A.R.M.S. on the tour.

Space is limited to fifty people so everyone in the group can visit with Dr. Sorenson and learn from his unqiue insights into the Book of Mormon text and its place in ancient Mesoamerica.

This is, without a doubt, the finest Book of Mormon travel experience currently available.

This tour is filling up fast, for further information call Shannon Magleby (801) 756-4763.