An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon

As this newsletter goes to press, John Sorenson’s book, An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon is in publication at Deseret Book Company. This landmark volume should be out the beginning of next year. This book has been long-awaited; it sets a new benchmark for Book of Mormon studies. Dr. Sorenson, Chairman of the Anthropology Department at Brigham Young University, has been working on these materials for thirty-five years. He has developed much of this research in connection with several innovative classes he has been teaching at BYU.

“This book will become required reading for all people interested in the antiquity of the Book of Mormon. Those who comment on the historicity of Book of Mormon accounts henceforth are irresponsible or uninformed if they ignore or neglect Dr. Sorenson’s present work,” say Leonard Arrington, Truman Madsen and Jack Welch in the Foreword to this book.

A sample of Dr. Sorenson’s work can be found in the most recent September and October issues of the Ensign. His articles there, entitled “Digging into the Book of Mormon,” are also now available from F.A.R.M.S. as Reprints. (See the order form.)

Watch for details in the next issue of Insights telling you how you can order your copy of this exciting new book. As F.A.R.M.S. Manager Kirk Magleby remarks, “This has the potential of becoming the most effective and significant series ever dedicated to the Book of Mormon.”

Also watch for other F.A.R.M.S. titles to be published by Deseret Book Company. With John Sorenson’s book, the Foundation and Deseret jointly launch a new series focusing on LDS Scriptures.

Several other titles are now in preparation.