F.A.R.M.S. Tours:
Here We Go Again!

Our premier tour this summer was such a rewarding experience, we have decided to conduct two more in 1985!

Tour 1984. For two weeks in June 1984, 35 F.A.R.M.S. enthusiasts enjoyed the privilege of touring many fascinating sites in Mexico and Guatemala which were occupied during Book of Mormon times.

“What a thrill. Truly the chance of a lifetime.” John and Evelyn Archer (Palos Verdes, CA).

“The finest trip we have ever taken.” Nat and Caletta Muzumdar (Parowan, UT).

“We had no idea the Book of Mormon would come alive so beautifully with such a wealth of rich detail,” Mel and Illa Atwood (Albany, OR).

“I was surprised that the food and hotels were so luxurious.” Diane Wirth (Aurora, CO).

John Sorenson, the dean of New World Book of Mormon archaeology, was the traveling guest lecturer. His comments at every site and locale (Kaminaljuyu as the City of Nephi, the Grijalva River as the River Sidon, La Venta as the City of Mulek, the Central Depression of Chiapas as the Land of Zarahemla) brought insightful and unforgettable associations to Book of Mormon texts.

The scenery was breathtaking. A spectacular sunset over Lake Atitlan. Pre-dawn stillness at Lake Catemaco. Towering volcanos. Steep mountain valleys. Ruins of epic proportions.

The people were marvellous. Tears came as the group met with a humble branch president who lost a wife and three children in the Guatemalan earthquake of 1976 in Patcizia. While the shopping and other distractions were superb, this group eagerly spent most of its time in out-of-the-way museums and discussing scripture studies. Everyone contributed. For example, imagine the insights of sculptor Stan Johnson (Mapleton, UT) and jeweler Pearse Labrum (Salt Lake City, UT) commenting on the treasurers of the famed Monte Alban Tomb 7.

“This was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life,” says Richard Jones (Salt Lake City, UT). “When do we go again?”

Tours for 1985. Now is the time to let us know if you would like to travel with F.A.R.M.S. in 1985. To Mexico and Guatemala: This tour will be the first to have the benefit of using John Sorenson’s book (see the lead article in this newsletter) as a handbook! Departs June 7, 1985, for 16 days. Guides and lecturers will be Dr. Bruce W. Warren of the BYU Anthropology Department (he is a specialist in Mayan and Mesoamerican archaeology), and Kirk Magleby. Supplemental study materials provided. Cost will be around $1700. Reserve your space now by sending a $200 deposit per person to F.A.R.M.S., P.O. Box 7113, University Station, Provo, UT 84602. Space is limited!

To Israel and Egypt: We are seriously considering taking a tour to the Near East around the end of May or first of June (for about 17 days). This would be the first tour ever dedicated to investigating ancient Israelite and Near Eastern backgrounds of the Book of Mormon! Guides and lecturers would be John W. Welch, Stephen Ricks, and other scholars as can be arranged. Total cost from Salt Lake City is roughly estimated at this point at about $2900. Please let us know immediately if you would go on such a tour.

All F.A.R.M.S. tours are oriented toward giving you detailed archaeological and academic understanding, with Book of Mormon perspectives especially in mind.