President's Message

A “classic,” by one definition, is a book that will wear you out long before you wear it out. By this standard, the Book of Mormon is one of the classics of all times.

One of the reasons you will never wear the Book of Mormon out is the way it speaks to every person, whether old or young, glad or sad, the newest investigator or the seasoned church scholar. As we go through life, we can find this book relevant no matter what our station. Another reason is the way the book reflects human conditions so completely, and sets fundamental outlooks on life.

All this makes the challenge of studying such a book formidable, for the book displays so many dimensions and demands so many approaches. But the importance of this work is clear. As President Ezra Taft Benson stressed in his October 1984 Conference message, “My beloved brethren and sisters, for some years now I have been deeply concerned that we are not using the Book of Mormon as God intends. As I participated in the Mexico City Temple dedication, I received the distinct impresssion that God is not pleased with our neglect of the Book of Mormon.” F.A.R.M.S. encourages everyone to give greater attention to the Book of Mormon.

Out thanks go to the hundreds of supporters who have helped in 1984. Together we can all make 1985 our finest year yet for Book of Mormon research.


John W. Welch