Charlesworth and Jeremiah

F.A.R.M.S. makes many fine Doubleday books available to you at discount prices. The last Newsletter announced that Charlesworth’s second volume of the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha was available. Unfortunately, final publication has been delayed until later this year. Watch for another notice when it comes off the press.

In the meantime, another Doubleday volume may interest Book of Mormon students: John Bright’s work on Jeremiah in the Anchor Bible Series. Jeremiah is of special to Book of Mormon studies. He was a prophet in Jerusalem at the time of Lehi. He is mentioned prominently in the Book of Mormon. Like Lehi, he testified of Jerusalem’s wickedness and prophesied of its destruction (Hel 8:20). He was cast into prison for his preaching (1 Ne 7:14).

John Bright, a highly respected Hebrew historian at Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, Virginia, gives you here a modern translation of the Book of Jeremiah. His very valuable introduction includes a great deal of interesting information about Jerusalem at the time of Lehi.

The Book of Jeremiah and Professor Bright’s commentary show that Lehi must have had enormous courage to preach repentance in Jerusalem. Only a few years before Lehi was called to preach, the local priests had insisted that Jeremiah be executed for preaching that Jerusalem would be destroyed. Jeremiah escaped death only through the intervention of a powerful political figure. Another prophet named Uriah, who made the same prophecies, was not as lucky: King Jehoiakim had him killed. Interestingly, Professor Bright reflects, “One wonders how many lesser men in Judah shared Jeremiah’s feelings and spoke as he did. Not many, perhaps—but some!” (p. 170)

Jeremiah retails for $18.00, but may be ordered through F.A.R.M.S. for only $14.50. Use the attached order form.