Expiration Dates:
Will You Stay on the F.A.R.M.S. Mailing List?

Your address label on this newsletter shows an expiration code in the upper left-hand corner. The first two digits indicate the month, and the last two the year of expiration (for example, 05-86 is May 1986). It is important for you to check your expiration date. Since we remove all names and addresses for which the expiration date has passed, you will want to act promptly to remain on the mailing list.

If your expiration code is 07-86 or earlier, or if it is 62-88, this is your last scheduled newsletter. Your name will be deleted unless we hear from you. Our desire is to send the F.A.R.M.S. newsletter to all people interested in receiving it. Researchers and active volunteers receive the newsletter. All donors of $10 or more per year ($5 for student, senior citizens, and low-income families) also receive the newsletter. If some error has been made in our record keeping, or if you believe we have the wrong expiration date for you, please let us know. Please send your permament address only—no student or missionary addresses, please.

If the last two digits of your expiration code are 99, you have been classified as a standing participant. This category includes libraries, researchers, advisory board members, editors, and substantial contributors and VIPs.

Please pay close attention to your expiration code. We cannot guarantee that you will receive any further notice of your expiration date other than the information which appears on your mailing label.