F.A.R.M.S. Says "Thanks!" to 169 Substantial Donors

In recent months and years, 169 individuals and foundations have given generously to F.A.R.M.S. Below are listed the names of these people, to whom we owe a deep debt of gratitude. Each has given $100 or more; several have given in the thousands. We hope we have not overlooked anyone on this list, but if we have, we apologize and thank them just as much, too.

We know that many of these good people have made considerable sacrifices to lend their support to Book of Mormon research and distribution. The personal letters we have received are great testimonies of the interest, enthusiasm and dedication that these people share with respect to this marvelous scripture. Because we know that each dollar contributed is not given lightly, we have worked very hard to make each dollar go as far as possible. Volunteered servicecs match donated dollars, and our budget is kept to the basic essentials. We pledge to keep it that way in the future.

The contributions of these people have made it possible for F.A.R.M.S. to exist. This money has financed the printing of our 1986-87 Catalog and the preparation of numerous new Preliminary Reports and Reprints. These donations have funded research on Book of Mormon word studies, textual analysis, and finding answers to Book of Mormon questions. They have paid for research and secretarial assistants who have nearly completed three major computerized bibliographies, one on the Book of Mormon, one on chiasmus in recent Biblical commentary, and another on temples and temple rituals in antiquity. They have likewise funded the costs of preparing individual volumes of the Nibley collected works. This money has covered general overhead to make it possible for thousands of copies of the Book of Mormon-related articles to be distributed worldwide at break-even prices to people and libraries who want to know more about the book.

Without these donations, along with thousands of smaller contributions, F.A.R.M.S. would simply not be able to do what it does. We say “thanks” sincerely, and hope you all know how much we appreciate every dollar of support you so generously give.

Horatio R. Alvarez—Southgate, California

Christine Anderson—Charlotte, N. Carolina

Don W. Ashworth—Las Vegas, Nevada

Merrill J. Bateman—Provo, Utah

Battson Foundation—Salt Lake City, Utah

John A. Bennett—Albuquerque, New Mexico

Wallace Bennett—Salt Lake City, Utah

J. Ralph Binnall—American Fork, Utah

William R. Bireley—Provo, Utah

Edgar Bolton—Thousand Oaks, California

Richard Bradburn—Saugus, California

Jeanne Broberg—La Canada, California

Paul Brown—Burley, Idaho

Jared F. Brown—Ogden, Utah

Ralph O. Brown—Orem, Utah

G. Ellsworth Brunson—Salt Lake City, Utah

Gerald A. Bullock—Pleasant Hill, California

Les Campbell—Orem, Utah

David Carlisle—Orem, Utah

Don J. Cerini—La Canada, California

John Carmack—Salt Lake City, Utah

John D. Chamberlin—Provo, Utah

James G. Christensen—Salt Lake City, Utah

Ralph Clinger—Westminster, California

Lynette Clyde—Connell, Washington

Harold G. Coleman—Glendale, California

A. Lynn Cope—Provo, Utah

William A. Cortelyou—Allston, Massachusetts

Lew W. Cramer—McLean, Virginia

Clyde Crownover—Glendale, California

D. Richard Dance—Bellevue, Washington

Barry L. Dayley—Cross Plains, Wisconsin

Joseph P. Dempsey—Chicago, Illinois

J. Robert Driggs—Provo, Utah

Junius E. Driggs—Mesa, Arizona

Jerrie Easterling—Junction City, Kansas

H. William Edwards—Salt Lake City, Utah

Leonard Ellis—Spanish Fork, Utah

Einar C. Erickson—Hurricane, Utah

L. H. Erickson—Ivins, Utah

Richard G. Fairbanks—White Bear Lake, Minn.

Robert F. Feland—South Jordan, Utah

Thomas A. Ferguson—Paradise, California

Samuel D. Fernandez—Hanover Park, Illinois

Russell M. Frandsen—La Canada, California

Roger Galland—Provo, Utah

Ross Geddes—Mansfield, Australia

Archie E. Gibbon—Vancouver, Canada

Ronald B. H. Hales—Kaneohe, Hawaii

David R. Hall—Provo, Utah

Robin L. Hansen—Amarillo, Texas

Steve Hanson—Santa Ana, California

Alice Harbach—Los Angeles, California

Carlyle Harmon—Provo, Utah

David W. Harris—Glendora, California

Adelbert C. Haws—Huntington Beach, California

Charles Hedrick—Santa Barbara, California

Ernest Herbert—Lewiston, Utah

Niles Herrod—Provo, Utah

Merrill Higham—Belmont, California

Richard Lee Hill—Provo, Utah

Merle C. Houle—Los Angeles, California

Wallace E. Hunt, Jr.—Northridge, California

Barbara and Gene Hutchins—Prescott, Arizona

Hyrum Seminary—Hyrum, Utah

Lynda Jamieson—Mesa, Arizona

Mary Jo Jenkins—Carlsbad, New Mexico

Al Jensen—Mesa, Arizona

Paul J. Jewkes—Provo, Utah

William R. Jex—Spanish Fork, Utah

Stan Johnson—Mapleton, Utah

Glenn H. Jones—Nevilly, France

George E. Judd—Salt Lake City, Utah

Amy Kearsley—Logan, Utah

Les King—Glendale, Arizona

Christopher W. Kite—Chicago, Illinois

William L. Knecht—Moraga, California

David Kratzer—Phoenix, Arizona

Robert Lambert—Burley, Idaho

Mary Lamb—Horace, North Dakota

Wade C. Lillywhite—Salt Lake City, Utah

James Lipsey—Palm Harbor, Florida

The Living Scriptures—Ogden, Utah

James W. Lucas—New York, New York

Earl B. Lundquist—Salt Lake City, Utah

Truman Lynch—Kanab, Utah

Kirk Magleby—American Fork, Utah

Boyd G. Martin—Salt Lake City, Utah

Lucile R. Maurer—Sun City, Arizona

James McElroy—Bellevue, Washington

Brian B. McGhie—Cupertino, California

Patrick L. McKenzie—Bellevue, Washington

Coleman McVea—Provo, Utah

Ralph L. Mecham—Potomac, Maryland

Keith W. Merrill—Los Altos Hills, California

Harold L. Miller, Jr.—Provo, Utah

Lavon Miller—Manti, Utah

R. Wayne Minton—Loomis, California

Mary D. Nelson—Vienna, Virginia

Hugh W. Nibley—Provo, Utah

Reid Nibley—Provo, Utah

Carson G. A. Noftle—Abbotsford, B.C.

Jeffery Olsen—Sparks, Nevada

Iris Orton—Springville, Utah

Stephen Oveson—Capistrano, California

C. Dean Packer—Provo, Utah

Leonore Y. Parkinson—Ogden, Utah

David J. Patton—Nitro, Wyoming

George E. Paterson—Coolidge, Arizona

Charles Randall Paul—Phoenix, Arizona

Don M. Pearson—Glendale, California

Russell A. Peek—Miami, Florida

Brent Petersen—Salt Lake City, Utah

Craig Phelps—Portland, Oregon

Jay Platt—St. Johns, Arizona

Carl Poll—Palo Alto, California

Ken Raney—Richardson, Texas

Steven A. Rasmussen—South Jordan, Utah

Wallace Raynor—Provo, Utah

Gordon Reay—Tucson, Arizona

Bruford K. Reynolds—Redlands, California

James A. Reynolds—Salt Lake City, Utah

E. Steven Richards—Salt Lake City, Utah

Chauncey Riddle—Provo, Utah

Jack E. Roberts—Park West, Utah

Edgar T. Rolapp—Porter Ranch, California

Scott Romney—Tempe, Arizona

Salt Lake Institute of Religion

Gilbert Scharffs—Salt Lake City, Utah

Cory R. Scott, Abilene, Texas

David Wayne Smith—American Fork, Utah

Edward D. Smith—Las Vegas, Nevada

Elizabeth J. Smith—Provo, Utah

Hugh C. Smith—Orem, Utah

Nathan R. Smith—Stillwater, Minnesota

Richard S. Smith—Salt Lake City, Utah

Russ Smith—Houston, Texas

John L. Sorenson—Provo, Utah

Leslie R. Southam—Pleasant Grove, Utah

Edward H. Southwick—Ogden, Utah

LaVorn G. Sparks—Provo, Utah

Grant Stark—Spanish Fork, Utah

Norman H. Steggell—John Day, Oregon

Margene Stocks—Oxnard, California

Robert L. Stott—Farmington, Utah

Richard C. Stratfod—Los Angeles, California

Neva H. Strever—Hesperus, Colorado

Sally Swartz—Salt Lake City, Utah

Ronald E. Tew—Panama City, Florida

Burke Theurer—Salt Lake City, Utah

Joseph Y. Toronto—Provo, Utah

Linda A. Trimble—Independence, Missouri

George J. Van Komen—Salt Lake City, Utah

Vicente Villarreal, Jr.—McAllen, Texas

Elmo L. Walker—Clinton, Mississippi

Dale Warburton—Pleasant Grove, Utah

John S. Welch—La Canada, California

John W. Welch—Provo, Utah

Victor Werlhof—Chico, California

Henry L. Whiffen—Provo, Utah

Kenneth W. Whitt—Vienna, Virginia

Lance B. Wickman—San Diego, California

Marguerite Eyer Wilbur Foundation—Santa Barbara, California

W. L. Williamson—Convent Station, N.J.

P. L. Wills—Sebastopol, California

Brent D. Wilson—Provo, Utah

David H. Woodland—Concord, California

Barbara Yoshioka—Salt Lake City, Utah

Glee Zumbrennen—Provo, Utah