Mormonism and Early Christianity:
Volume 4 of the Nibley Works Covers Topics From Apostasy to Temples

“This is the best volume yet to appear in the Hugh Nibley Collected Works,” say those who have worked on this massive publishing effort. Mormonism and Early Christianity continues many of the themes introduced in Volume 3, The World and the Prophets, but the subjects here are treated in greater depth and breadth.

This major work has over 430 pages with many pages of invaluable footnotes. Here is Nibley at his best, with some of his most famous articles, such as “The Passing of the Church,” and “The Christian Envy of the Temple,” both first published in non-Mormon scholarly journals. This volume deals with such topics as baptism for the dead in ancient times and other beliefs common to both the Apostolic and the Restored churches.

As always delving into primary sources, Nibley also explores accounts of Jesus’ early childhood, the Savior’s elusive but crucial 40-day ministry, the tempie, Jerusalem in Christianity, and much more. The volume is technical, scholarly, and detailed. Nevertheless, it will richly reward diligent readers, for its central message is powerful and substantial: that many important doctrines of early Christianity were lost in the Great Apostasy, but have now been restored.

One intriguing topic in this study, which disappeared during the first four centuries but has been restored in this dispensation, is that of Christian prayer circles. Sources indicate that the ritual use of prayer circles dates back to very early times and that Enoch, Abraham, Jesus, the Twelve with their wives, and many others participated in this mode of prayer. For example, Nibley reports that the early Christians placed a “diptych,” a “loose-leaf notebook or folded parchment,” on the altar during the prayer which contained the names of persons whom those in the circle wished to remember. He further indicates that these diptychs are among the treasures preserved in the oldest churches.

A team of editors, including Todd Compton, Stephen Ricks, John McNeely, Jack Lyon and John Welch, spent hundreds of hours preparing this volume for press, seeing that each footnote was checked for accuracy and style. The new volume is scheduled for delivery on December 1, 1987. We will do all possible to see that your order, if placed soon, will be delivered in time for Christmas. Use the attached order form or the F.A.R.M.S. Catalog for this and several other shopping ideas.