Website's Multimedia Offerings Expand

Videos of each lecture from the series “The Work of Hugh W. Nibley” are now available for viewing on the Maxwell Institute website. Speakers include Daniel C. Peterson, Richard L. Bushman, Robert L. Millet, Terry B. Ball, Ann Madsen, Eric D. Huntsman, Marilyn Arnold, Michael D. Rhodes, C. Wilfred Griggs, Alex Nibley, Zina Nibley Peterson, and William A. (Bert) Wilson. Bushman’s video begins with an introduction to the series and an overview of Nibley’s work by Paul Y. Hoskisson. The lectures celebrated the 100th anniversary of Nibley’s birth (27 March 1910).

These latest videos join a wide assortment of other live presentations posted for viewing on the Maxwell Institute website.

Heading up these online offerings are two annual Neal A. Maxwell Lectures: “On Becoming a Disciple-Scholar,” by BYU president Cecil O. Samuelson, and “To All the World: Reinventing the Church’s Media Businesses,” by Mark H. Willes, president and chief executive officer of Deseret Management Corporation. Also featured is Nibley’s 15-part Pearl of Great Price lecture series, followed by a variety of other popular lecturers such as Daniel C. Peterson, Robert L. Millet, Joseph F. McConkie, John W. Welch, Noel B. Reynolds, and Donald W. Parry.

To access these videos, click here. Some of these lectures are also available in audio formats.