About the Contributors

William J. Adams, Jr., Ph.D., is Learning Center Coordinator with Granite Community Education, Salt Lake City.

Jeffrey R. Chadwick, Ph.D., teaches on the Near Eastern Studies faculty at the Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies in Israel.

Robert E. Clark, B.A., is pursuing graduate studies in History of Religions at the University of Chicago Divinity School.

Wallace E. Hunt, Jr., B.S., is a retired businessman and an avid collector of early Mormon Americana.

Jennifer Clark Lane, B.A., is a graduate student in Near Eastern Studies at Brigham Young University.

Thomas W. Mackay, Ph.D., is professor of Classical and Medieval Studies at Brigham Young University.

Garth L. Mangum, Ph.D., is the Max McGraw Professor of Economics and Management at the University of Utah.

Louis Midgley, Ph.D., is professor of Political Science at Brigham Young University.

Robert L. Millet, Ph.D., is dean of Religious Education and professor of Ancient Scripture at Brigham Young University.

Lenet Hadley Read, B.A., has completed one year of postgraduate studies in religion.

Stephen D. Ricks, Ph.D., is associate dean of General and Honors Education at Brigham Young University and professor of Hebrew and Semitic languages.

Matthew Roper is a senior in history at Brigham Young University.

John L. Sorenson, Ph.D., is professor emeritus of anthropology at Brigham Young University.

Corbin T. Volluz, J.D., is a senior deputy prosecuting attorney for Skagit County, Washington.