Editor's Introduction

We begin with this issue the third year of publication of the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies. I am gratified by the growing number of outstanding submissions to the Journal. The contents of this issue are reflective of their quality and breadth: studies on the history, language, theology, and literary style of the Book of Mormon, written by persons of widely varying backgrounds, all of whom share a love of the Book of Mormon and a commitment to its value.

In one particular area I wish to solicit further submissions—Notes and Communications. A contribution need not be long to be significant. If you have a contribution of one-half to three or four pages to introduce a new topic or to continue a discussion that has already been going on, I encourage you to submit it for consideration.

As always, this journal is the fruit of the efforts of many individuals. I would like to thank my board of editors for their important input and suggestions. In addition, I would like to thank Melvin Thorne for timely editorial advice, and Shirley Ricks for seeing this issue through to publication.