Editor's Introduction

In this issue of the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies, we feature articles and notes on such varied subjects as the sacred tree of the ancient Maya, forged Egyptian figurines, the demise of Abinadi and Noah, a study of Book of Mormon authorship, and two linguistic approaches to the Book of Mormon. In addition, the Maya and Egyptian articles are extensively illustrated.

Entering our sixth year of publication, we have created five-year citation and subject indexes for the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies. We hope this will prove to be a valuable resource for students of the Book of Mormon; the indexes will also be available in downloadable electronic format on our home page, www.farmsresearch.com. Our intention is to publish such indexes on an annual basis.

Several individuals have been of great assistance in the production of the volume. Rebecca M. Flinders helped prepare the citation index, and Michael Lyon was instrumental in preparing the many figures appearing in this volume.

We have used selected common abbreviations in the notes: CHC for A Comprehensive History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, HC for History of the Church, and JD for Journal of Discourses.