About the Reviewers

Matthew B. Brown is a senior in the history program at Brigham Young University.

Klaus J. Hansen, Ph.D., is professor of history at Queen’s University, Canada.

Rhett S. James is a poet, historian, folklorist, and playwright with university degrees in history, American studies, and English. James is presently teaching at the Logan, Utah, LDS Institute of Religion.

Robert E. Lewis, D.S.W., is a systems project manager for the Utah Division of Child and Family Services and an adjunct associate professor at the Graduate School of Social Work, University of Utah.

Louis Midgley, Ph.D., is professor emeritus of political science at Brigham Young University.

George L. Mitton received an M.S. in political science from Utah State University. He has also done additional graduate work at Columbia University. He is retired from a career in education and public administration.

Daniel C. Peterson, Ph.D., is associate professor of Islamic studies and Arabic at Brigham Young University.

Randall P. Spackman, J.D., is Senior Vice-President and General Counsel of Opal Concepts, Inc., in Anaheim, California.

John A. Tvedtnes, M.A., is senior project manager with the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies.