Michael A. Carter is associate administrative director of the missionary training centers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Andrew F. Ehat is a product manager with WordPerfect Corporation in Orem, Utah.

William J. Hamblin, Ph.D., is assistant professor of history at Brigham Young University.

Marion D. Hanks is a General Authority emeritus of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and former president of the Salt Lake Temple.

Brian M. Hauglid is pursuing a Ph.D. in Arabic and Islamic studies at the University of Utah and teaches seminary for the Church Educational System.

John M. Lundquist, Ph.D., is the Susan and Douglas Dillon Chief Librarian of the Oriental Division of the New York Public Library.

Truman G. Madsen, Ph.D., is professor of philosophy at Brigham Young University.

Daniel B. McKinlay, M.T.S., M.A., and M.L.I.S., is an author and researcher in Provo, Utah.

Hugh W. Nibley, Ph.D., is professor emeritus of ancient scripture at Brigham Young University.

Jay A. Parry is a freelance writer and researcher in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Donald W. Parry, Ph.D., is a visiting assistant professor of Hebrew at Brigham Young University.

Stephen D. Ricks, Ph.D., is professor of Hebrew and Semitic languages and Associate Dean of General Education and Honors at Brigham Young University.

M. Catherine Thomas, Ph.D., is an instructor in ancient scripture at Brigham Young University.

John A. Tvedtnes, M.A., is a technical writer for GTE Health Systems. He has studied extensively at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

John W. Welch, J.D., is professor of law at Brigham Young University and editor of Brigham Young University Studies.