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  • Introduction
  • “The First Principles of Man Are Self-Existent with God”: The Immortality of the Soul in Mormon Theology
  • To Know God Is Life Eternal
  • Instruments or Agents? Balancing Submissiveness and Anxious Engagement in Heavenly Father’s Plan
  • Filling the Immensity of Space: The Titles and Functions of God’s Revelatory Power
  • Blessings Promised to the Faithful
  • From Calvary to Cumorah: What Mormon History Means to Me
  • Symbolism in the Parable of the Willing and Unwilling Two Sons in Matthew 21
  • The Divine Principle of Friendship: Some Prophetic and Secular Perspectives
  • “The Work of Translating”: The Book of Abraham’s Translation Chronology
  • Was Noah’s Flood the Baptism of the Earth?
  • The “Spirit” That Returns to God in Ecclesiastes 12:7
  • Unveiling Revelation and a Landmark Commentary Series
  • Mormons and Evangelicals in Dialogue: Finding the Right Questions
  • Mormonism and the Heresies
  • Atoning Grace on Progression’s Highway: Explorations into Latter-day Saint Theological Anthropology
  • Embers and Bonfires: The Richard L. Evans Professorship and Interfaith Work at BYU
  • Sin, Guilt, and Grace: Martin Luther and the Doctrines of the Restoration
  • Salvation by Grace, Rewards of Degree by Works: The Soteriology of Doctrine and Covenants
  • What Is Christianity?
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Acknowledgments
  • Contributors

Blessings Promised to the Faithful