"To Be Learned is Good"  >  The Poetics of Prejudice
  • Editors’ Preface
  • Introduction: What Constrains Our Understanding of the Past?
  • “We Gain Knowledge No Faster Than We Are Saved”: The Epistemic Dimension of Character
  • The Poetics of Prejudice
  • Truth, Community, and Prophetic Authority
  • Introduction: Anxiety and Obligation in the Practice of History
  • Prophetic Biography: The Universal, the Particular, and the Almost-Amazing Grace of Context
  • Above, Beyond, and in Between: A Teacher’s Role
  • Saving History: The Perquisites and Perils
  • Introduction: Reenvisioning Mormonism: Looking Forward and Looking Back
  • Christo-Fiction, Mormon Philosophy, and the Virtual Body of Christ
  • Becoming Equal Partners: Latter-day Saint Women as Theologians
  • The Perverse Core of Mormonism: The Book of Mormon, Genetic Secularity, and Messianic Decoloniality
  • Introduction: Mormonism in the Academy: Scholarship, Teaching, and Faith
  • Richard Bushman and the Future of Mormon Teaching
  • The Role of the Church History Department in Mormon Scholarship: A Reflection on the Leonard J. Arrington Era and the Present
  • The Second Vatican Council and Mormon Correlation from the Pulpit and the Pew
  • Introduction: Mormonism in the Academy and in the Secular Study of Religion
  • On Being Epistemically Vulnerable: Mormonism and the Secular Study of Religion
  • “Mormonism in the Academy”: Reflections on Its Meaning
  • A Modern Religion
  • Introduction: Smooth Stones Rolling: Reflections on Critical Belief in Scholarship
  • The Personal and the Historical
  • Acts of Faith … and Reason
  • My Life among the Scholars
  • Blessing of—and for—the Academic Life
  • Finding the Right Words: Speaking Faith in Secular Times
  • The Academic Achievements and Publications of Richard Lyman Bushman

The Poetics of Prejudice