Analysis of Textual Variants of the Book of Mormon, Part 1, by Royal Skousen, is the first part of volume 4 of the Book of Mormon Critical Text Project. Covering the title page through 2 Nephi 10, it analyzes every significant variant in the original and printer's manuscripts and in 20 important editions of the Book of Mormon (from the 1830 edition to the 1981 edition). The task of this volume is to use the earliest textual sources and patterns of systematic usage to recover the original English-language text. Available August 2004.

The FARMS Review (vol. 16, no. 1), edited by Daniel C. Peterson, features a look at the mention of secret combinations in legal materials from the early 19th century and a look at trends in Book of Mormon apologetics. Other articles review books on the Mountain Meadows Massacre, violent fundamentalism, baptism for the dead, and Thomas S. Ferguson's search for archaeological evidence supporting the Book of Mormon. Available summer 2004.

Journal of Book of Mormon Studies (vol. 13, no. 1), edited by S. Kent Brown, is a special issue devoted to the Hill Cumorah. Studies include the geologic history and archaeology of the area, early accounts of a cave in the hill, the Hill Cumorah Pageant (its history, music, and costuming), Latter-day Saint poetry, the Angel Moroni Monument, a linguistic analysis of the name Cumorah, and the earliest photographs of the hill. Available early fall 2004.

Astronomy, Papyrus, and Covenant, edited by John Gee and Brian Hauglid, is the third volume in the Book of Abraham Series. It includes papers from a FARMS-sponsored conference on the Book of Abraham and covers such topics as Abraham's vision of the heavens, commonalities between the Book of Abraham and noncanonical ancient texts, and the significance of the Abrahamic covenant. Available fall 2004.

Forthcoming METI Publications

Theodore Abu Qurrah, translated and introduced by John C. Lamoreaux of Southern Methodist University, includes first-ever English translations of a substantial portion of Theodore Abu Qurrah's writings, which treat such issues as the characteristics of true religion and the nature of free will. Abu Qurrah (fl. ad 810), the bishop of Harran (in modern-day southern Turkey), was one of the first Christians to write in Arabic and to mount a sustained theological defense of Christianity against Islam. Available fall 2004