John A. Tvedtnes

John A. Tvedtnes (M.A. in Linguistics and M.A. in Middle East Studies (Hebrew), University of Utah) was a senior resident scholar with the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship at Brigham Young University. He has taught at the University of Utah and at the Brigham Young University Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies and has lectured in Israel and the United States.

Books (2)

Book Chapters (19)

John L. Sorenson, John A. Tvedtnes, and John W. Welch,

"Seven Tribes: An Aspect of Lehi's Legacy"


Reexploring the Book of Mormon


Journal Articles (69)

John A. Tvedtnes, and E. Jan Wilson,

"The Prophet Like Moses,"

Insights 27/5 (2007)

John A. Tvedtnes, and Matthew Roper,

"One Small Step,"

The FARMS Review 15/1 (2003)

John A. Tvedtnes, and Matthew Roper,

""From the Foundation of the World","

Insights 21/3 (2001)

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