JBMS Submission Guidelines

Author Guidelines

All submissions to the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies should be sent electronically to jbms@byu.edu.

1. A submission consists of (a) a cover letter containing a brief author bio; (b) a detailed abstract (100-150 words) that clearly states the thesis, the logic of the argument, and the nature of the evidence; and (c) a completed manuscript.

2. We seek to publish careful analyses of the Book of Mormon using the tools of sound literary, historical, and other scholarship. Articles often expand knowledge of the contexts (historical, linguistic, literary, social, cultural, theological, etc.) within which the text originated or has subsequently been interpreted. Inspirational or devotional elements may flow naturally from scholarly analysis, but primarily homiletic presentations are better published elsewhere.

3. Writers should support sound arguments with appropriate data, including carefully selected material from the scriptures or other texts, information from scholarly literature, and facts and cases from original research or other appropriate sources.

4. The language used must be clear and understandable to the Journal’s readers. Good writing intended for an interdisciplinary audience avoids the use of unnecessarily technical terminology and complicated phrasing. Writing that is sensational, contentious, or inflammatory is unacceptable.

5. Authors may choose to include maps, illustrations, diagrams, or charts when they clarify and enhance an article.

6. Each article will be peer reviewed. Issues raised in the review process must be dealt with by the author to the satisfaction of the editors before an article is finally accepted.

All submissions should be sent electronically to jbms@byu.edu.

Submission Preparation Checklist

Authors are required to assure their submission’s compliance with the following terms. Submissions may be returned to authors who do not adhere to these guidelines.

1. The submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration (or an explanation has been provided).

2. The submission file is in Microsoft Word-compatible formats (doc, docx, rtf). Where non-Latin fonts or characters are used, a pdf file is also provided.

3. Any figures and tables should accompany the original submission.

4. The submission should be prepared in conformity with the most current edition of The Chicago Manual of Style.

5. Authors should delete their names from the completed manuscript to ensure a blind review.

6. The author bears primary responsibility for verifying the accuracy of all quotations, citations, and sources.

All submissions should be sent electronically to jbms@byu.edu.